Drei weiße Kunstobjekte vor einem verspiegelten Glasgang im Museumsinnenhof.
Tim Bennett, Trophies (Museum Starnberger See), 2019

Tim Bennett
Trophies (Museum Starnberger See), 2019

Object type: Group of figures comprising three statues
Inventory number: STA-06049
Acquired: 2020
Material: Cast aluminum and steel
Dimensions: 272cm × 39.5cm (8'9" × 1'4")/ 246cm × 31cm (8'1" × 1')/ 225cm × 28cm (7'5" × 11")
On display: Yes

The group of figures entitled Trophies (Museum Starnberger See) was developed by sculptor Tim Bennett in spring 2020 for the museum’s courtyard.

The title Trophies is evocative of explorers bringing back exotic objects from expeditions or hunters returning home with their prey. A trophy signifies a conquest. The three sculptures are modeled on columns. The steel bars normally concealed inside reinforced concrete have been exposed. This makes the columns look unsteady as they stand on their thin legs like fantasy creatures, seemingly swaying and unstable. They certainly couldn’t support a building, for they can barely manage to prop themselves up. What seems solid is fragile, and their air of fortification masks a sense of helplessness.

Tim Bennett was born in the British town of Rochdale in 1973. He lives and works in Munich.