Ausstellung Ein fotografisches Gedächtnis im Museum Starnberger See
Abbildung: Bestand Wörsching, Stadtarchiv Starnberg

Photographic Memory
Pictures from the Estate of the Wörschings, Starnberg’s Family of Photographers

May 1st until September 25th, 2022

The estate of the Wörschings, a family of photographers, offers an impactful view of the past. The historic photographs are snapshots of events, developments, and varying moods in Starnberg and its surroundings. We glimpse fleeting moments in the lives of earlier generations, right here at the Starnberger See. The landscapes, the streets, the buildings and the people all seem very familiar but at the same time somehow far removed backwards along the course of time. The focal point of the exhibition is the people and their lives.  We see the lake festivals and carnivals, weddings and fire department presentations, sport clubs, children’s groups, and members of high society. The photos are windows into another world that even so is our own world of the present day. At the same time, the exhibition tells a portion of the story of a family which, with both its business acumen and artistic talent, collectively became the chronicler of the city of Starnberg and its society.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Starnberg City Archives.