Schaukasten 4
Contemporary Art in the Local History Museum

Home is not only yesterday, but also here and now. In this spirit, four curators have invited a total of twelve artists from the extended region to a special exhibition series. The site of the presentation is the oldest piece of museum furniture in the Museum Starnberger See - a glass cabinet that was probably made around 1913 when the museum was first equipped. To this day, it bears a sign in ornate lettering: Schaukasten 4 (Showcase 4). The exhibition project shares this name.

The selection for the first year of Schaukasten 4 was done by Elisabeth Carr, Annette Kienzle, Ulrike Prusseit and Katja Sebald.

Participating artists:
May 22 – Tom Schmelzer
June 22 – Hertha Miessner
July 22 – Carolina Kreusch
August 22 – Ina Kohlschovsky
(September 22 – Max Wagner, postponed to May 23)
Oktober 22 – Werner Mally
November 22 – Ulrike Myrzik
December 22 – Kira Fritsch
(January 23 – Manuela Hartel, postponed to June 23)
February 23 – Anna Schölß
March 23 – Rosemarie Zacher
April 23 – Herbert Nauderer
May 23 – Max Wagner
June 23 – Manuela Hartel

Openings on the first Thursday of each month at 6 pm.