Schaukasten 4 – Season 2
Contemporary Art in the Local History Museum

After a successful first year, the Museum Starnberger See continues the Schaukasten 4 project with a second season of exhibitions. Twelve artists from the extended region are invited to continue this special exhibition series. The site of the presentation is again the oldest piece of museum furniture in the Museum Starnberger See - a glass cabinet that was probably made around 1913 when the museum was first equipped. To this day, it bears a sign in ornate lettering: Schaukasten 4 (Showcase 4). The exhibition project shares this name. Each month, works by a contemporary artist will move into the wonderful old piece of furniture, because home is not only yesterday, but also here and now.

Openings on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm.

Participating artists:
November 23 – Judith Egger
December 23 – Hans Panschar
Januar 24 – Afra Dopfer
February 24 – Benedikt Hipp
March 24 – Nataly Maier (Iris Böhnlein entfällt)
April 24 – Lea Grebe
May 24 – Nena Cermak
June 24 – Gabriel Baumüller
July 24 – Lucy Reynolds
August 24 – Benjamin Bergmann
September 24 – Patricia Lincke
October 24 – Elena Carr

The selection for the second year of Schaukasten 4 was done by Elisabeth Carr, Ulrike Prusseit, Katja Sebald and Benjamin Tillig.

Participating artists:
May 22 – Tom Schmelzer
June 22 – Hertha Miessner
July 22 – Carolina Kreusch
August 22 – Ina Kohlschovsky
(September 22 – Max Wagner, postponed to May 23)
Oktober 22 – Werner Mally
November 22 – Ulrike Myrzik
December 22 – Kira Fritsch
(January 23 – Manuela Hartel, postponed to June 23)
February 23 – Anna Schölß
March 23 – Rosemarie Zacher
April 23 – Herbert Nauderer
May 23 – Max Wagner
June 23 – Manuela Hartel

The selection for the first year of Schaukasten 4 was done by Elisabeth Carr, Annette Kienzle, Ulrike Prusseit and Katja Sebald.